Java in wine?

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I tried this quite a while ago, and had all manner of problems with
threading.  Now lots of work has happened since then, and it is possible
that it now works, but it does make extensive use of the threading APIs.
Maybe getting the JVM to work would be a good test suite for those APIs (if
we knew which it used).


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Perhaps a bit offtopic, but my company has asked me to try and get a
desktop java app we use/are developing here running under Linux. You'd
think, being written in Java, that it'd just be a case of installing the
JVM and running it. Unfortunately, because Java is rather poor at
desktop apps, they've used a load of windows extensions via JNI to try
and make it integrate better.

That means, the only solution is probably to run a JVM under Wine (short
of rewriting all the native code, which they don't want to do). Now, I
tried the Sun JRE, and it wasn't happy. I expect HotSpot does some wierd
stuff under the covers. So I'm wondering if anybody has walked this road
before, and if there are any other JVMs that might work better under

thanks -mike

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