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Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Thu Mar 20 09:40:23 CST 2003

Dan asked me to post some notes, so here we go:

* You need the files from this post:

* Get the mono source, I had to rebuild monostub. For some reason the
binaries Alexandre (theirs, not ours ;) built didn't work for me.

* You need to edit the makefile if you don't install wine to /usr/local.
I've put together a small pkg-config file for wine which I might submit
at some point, should make this stage more automatic.

* monostub btw is a WineLib app that embeds the mono interpreter.
Because winelib setup has to be done by wine itself at startup, you
can't just dlopen the Wine libraries and begin using them. Therefore,
you have to embed mono into wine.

* The runwine script LD_PRELOADs a smalls shlib that is somehow related
to the pthread stuff ( but I'm not really qualified to
talk about that.

* The SWF class heirarchy is rather stubby, the SWFTest app doesn't work
for instance, due to stubs in the .NET code. I used the MenuTest app
that was in Alexandres email.

* You need to have an entry for each DLL used in /etc/mono/config to map
them, or do as I did and symlink to
and so on for each library.

* The pthread issue was, as discussed earlier on wine-devel, due to the
fact that mono had to use Wines implementation of pthreads so Wine could
keep track of them and do housekeeping. Mono now has some
implementations of these functions, but I'm not sure if/when Alexandre
will send them to wine-patches, the impression I got was that they were
a bit hackish. Hopefully they'll be cleaned up and submitted soon

* You need a special version of the garbage collector (libgc).

Hopefully once it's all integrated work on filling out the SWF class
heirarchy will pick up - it would be extremely cool to be able to run
Windows .NET apps. There aren't many (any?) in wide circulation at the
moment, but that's going to change fast in the next few years.

thanks -mike

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 14:19, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just thought I'd let you know that the mono team have succeeded in
> resolving their problems with wine and pthread, and here's a screenshot
> to prove it to you:
> I had to jump through quite a few hoops, so I wouldn't bother
> experimenting until things are better integrated with the main mono
> tree. It shows a lot of potential for the future however!
> thanks -mike
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