WINE conformance tests

Peter Berghmans peter.berghmans at
Thu Mar 20 11:40:38 CST 2003

--- Peter Berghmans <peter.berghmans at>
> Hello,
> I saw on the WINE website you are responsible for
> writing conformance tests.
> I'd like to contribute; Could you explain what
> already exists and how it works ?
> I am a professional software engineer by the way.

  thank you for the suggestion.
Sorry it took long time to answer - I checked this
email account only today. Unfortunately I don't have
enough time now to contribute to Wine :-(

Please contact wine-devel mailing list, everybody will
be happy to help you.

This page has more information what you can do for the
project (in case you have not visited it):

Andriy Palamarchuk
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