Java in wine?

Enrico Horn farmboy1 at
Thu Mar 20 14:17:12 CST 2003


On Thursday 20 March 2003 12:28, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Hi,
> Perhaps a bit offtopic, but my company has asked me to try and get a
> desktop java app we use/are developing here running under Linux. You'd
> think, being written in Java, that it'd just be a case of installing the
> JVM and running it. Unfortunately, because Java is rather poor at
> desktop apps, they've used a load of windows extensions via JNI to try
> and make it integrate better.
> That means, the only solution is probably to run a JVM under Wine (short
> of rewriting all the native code, which they don't want to do). Now, I
> tried the Sun JRE, and it wasn't happy. I expect HotSpot does some wierd
> stuff under the covers. So I'm wondering if anybody has walked this road
> before, and if there are any other JVMs that might work better under
> Wine?
> thanks -mike
I think that getting the windows jvm running in wine would be rather 
I dont know if this works but crossover plugin uses wine to load windows dll
in unix netscape. I dont know how exactly this works but a since yours is 
similar case i think you could try to run the java app with linux jvm and 
make your system use wine to load the windows jni dlls.

just an idea

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