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Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Thu Mar 20 16:44:37 CST 2003

On 20 Mar 2003, Jeremy Newman wrote:

> Hey all. I've spent a bit more time on the redesign of the website. I'm
> looking to get more comments from you.

Very nice! I love the new look, maybe we should do a poll on which one
should become the default! :)

I've sent you this privately, but I'm reposting it here so that people
can comment on the idea as well. Here it goes:

I was looking at the main page of the new WineHQ, and I was thinking
of the following changes:
  1. The menu at the bottom of the main "About" box is mainly
     duplicating the the left-side menu. Let's get rid of it.
  2. Move the theme selector somewhere else, like another box on
     on the left, below "Developemnt"
  3. In place of the "Change Theme" box, let's have an "Announcements"
     box (like the KDE/GNOME/etc pages) where we can place the
     latest and greatest things, such as Wine releases, News releases,
     interviews, etc.
This way, we can maybe just have the "Latest Release" as one of the
announcements, and get rid of the little "Latest Release" box which
is a bit dry and uninspiring. Also, the current "Change Theme" box
is way too big and proeminent for what it does. Is it the intetion
of having the ability to change themes in production as well?
> First off, You'll notice I am *toying* with the idea of placing a banner
> ad on the web site. WineHQ generates a large amount of traffic. About
> 6,000,000 page hits a month. All I simply want to do, is try to allow
> CodeWeavers to make up for some of that by placing our ads on the site.
> I won't be taking any offers to put "Click the Monkey" ads. I will
> happily put up banners for other Wine related companies. If enough
> object I will cheerfully take them down. This is my idea, so I'll take
> the brunt of the flames here. I just wasn't getting enough clicks on the
> "Hosted By CodeWeavers" link to satisfy me.

Since I was the first to complain, I'll be the first to say that they
actually look cute. In short, I like them, and they can stay, as far
as I can say. Also, if the CW people think they are helpful, so much
the better. If we do keep them around, maybe we can also have a
"Donate" ad, similar to the one on Slashdot. I'm sold.


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