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Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Thu Mar 20 17:34:57 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 16:44, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> Very nice! I love the new look, maybe we should do a poll on which one
> should become the default! :)

Adding new templates is not hard. So I *might* accept submissions of new
templates. In the CVS tree, look at includes/themes/
There is a seperate dir for each theme. Add the images, to images, add a
style sheet and voila, new theme.

> I was looking at the main page of the new WineHQ, and I was thinking
> of the following changes:
>   1. The menu at the bottom of the main "About" box is mainly
>      duplicating the the left-side menu. Let's get rid of it.

In this case I think the duplication is good. From a newbie aspect, the
first place they will read is the text on the home page. And the extra
clarification helps.

>   2. Move the theme selector somewhere else, like another box on
>      on the left, below "Developemnt"

Yeah, for this beta, its there for now, I think I will make a
"Preferences" link somewhere in the nav. 

>   3. In place of the "Change Theme" box, let's have an "Announcements"
>      box (like the KDE/GNOME/etc pages) where we can place the
>      latest and greatest things, such as Wine releases, News releases,
>      interviews, etc.

See, that would be duplication. We already have news. It's WWN. Adding
announcements that don't get updated as often as WWN seems lame. Leave
that to other news sites.

> Since I was the first to complain, I'll be the first to say that they
> actually look cute. In short, I like them, and they can stay, as far
> as I can say. Also, if the CW people think they are helpful, so much
> the better. If we do keep them around, maybe we can also have a
> "Donate" ad, similar to the one on Slashdot. I'm sold.

I like the idea of a donate ad. Also, adds to other Wine sites such as
Frank's World, seems OK to me as well.

My main complaint of the current ad placement is that it makes the
layout not work at less than 1024x768. I know I run quite a bit higher
than that myself. Usually I prefer the site to fit a minimum of 800x600.
To do that, I would need to scale down the main logo a bit. Or as
suggested to me, is drop the "Development" part of the logo away so it
would just say Wine HQ or Wine Headquarters.

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