wine server and services ...

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Fri Mar 21 10:11:52 CST 2003

>   Would it not be possible to launch wineserver to handle NT services ?
>   Thus if the user was logged in services would be running ( if he fx. 
> had started wineserver in his .xsession file ).
>   I do realise that there are issues such as privileges and multiuser, 
> but this would circumvent them would it not ?
>   I have looked at some of the other things people have written about 
> services, but this looks doable.
>   / regards, Lars Segerlund.
You might want to make a wrapper application like wine/programs/services. This program could then
be started by wineserver and a config option if you want to try and run a NT service. I dont
really see the point on running services under WINE unless you want to try and install AV software
that loads as a service =)

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