valgrind for WINE!!

Adam Gundy arg at
Fri Mar 21 10:50:18 CST 2003

hi... after much hard work and midnight oil, I have made valgrind (the memory
access checking tool) work with WINE.

You can run multi-threaded Windows programs under WINE (under valgrind), and
have stack traces printed out for all the memory errors both in WINE and in
the Windows program (and yes there are a LOT in WINE itself).

the purpose of this email is just an initial heads up, and a question - in order
to print stack traces from (debug) compiled windows binaries, I have borrowed some
of the PDB and PE reading code from WINE and added it to valgrind. AFAIK there
shouldn't be a (license) problem with this, since WINE is LGPL and valgrind is GPL,
but I just wanted to check before putting my neck on the chopping block.

assuming no one has any problems with licensing, then my next job (hopefully early
next week) will be to submit the valgrind patches to the valgrind development
mailing list for consideration. after the valgrind people have had a few days to mull
over the patches, I will submit the patches needed to WINE to make it work (limited
architecture, plus some fixes for the more annoying bugs found by valgrind).

please DON'T fill my inbox with requests for these patches yet - hopefully they will
be available shortly.

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