windres: -U

Nick Clifton nickc at
Fri Mar 21 05:00:39 CST 2003

Hi Dimitrie,

> Given that the windres maintainers like the idea, it's just a matter
> of time (few days, until I get the stupid FSF copyright assignment
> papers signed) until it goes in.

Umm, in the past it has taken a lot longer than a few days to get
these copyright assignments sorted out....

> Idealy, I'd like to completely remove the annoying ifdef. So what's
> left? 
> First, the -r in the !GNU_CC case. This seems to be simply
> ignored by the MS rc, for backwards compatibility:
> Do we _need_ to keep it around?

It would appear not - but I would like to wait a few days to see if
anyone else knows of a reason to keep it.  Maybe there are people out
there using an old set of Microsoft's tools ?

> Second, it seems that windres does not support the -U option.
> It should, and I'm considering submitting a patch to do just that.
> With that, the monster will collapse to simply:
> which is so much easier on the eye.

This would indeed be much nicer.


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