Wine and glibc 3.2.x

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Mar 21 15:44:51 CST 2003

davide.giannotti at wrote:
> Ok, i recently compiled and upgraded to glibc 3.2.1 and there's no way to make 
> wine work. There's thread related bug.
> New Red Hat, Suse and Mandrake will be shipped with this new version of glibc, 
> so i think that's a serious bug.

We were all quite concerned about it until somebody reported a workaround; see
The workaround is to give the command
   export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5
before running Wine (and probably before running configure, too).
(This is documented in each distro's beta release notes, e.g. )
Have you tried this yet?
What CPU and OS are you using?

> Configure cannot even check that libc are reentrant, i'm not a glibc expert 
> but there's some error with _errno and _errno_location.
> I tried to apply a patch i found in the patch mailing list, but it didn't work 
> either.
> ( )

That patch was bogus, it is not the right fix.  The right fix is
for Wine to adapt to the new threading model in glibc2.3 (not 3.2, I think),
which is far superior to the old one.  See

> So, consider that every linux distribution will be shipped with the new glibc, 
> and that there will be really a few windows programs that can work without 
> thread support.... well... i'd think about give priority to solve this one.

The changes needed are deep.  Alexandre has started on them, but
given the workaround, it can probably wait a bit.

See also

Dan Kegel

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