WineHQ redesign - TODO

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Fri Mar 21 15:52:53 CST 2003

On 21 Mar 2003, Jeremy Newman wrote:

> - These empty pages need content. Some of the content can be pulled off
> the old pages, and moved to these new pages.
>    + HowTo
>    + Troubleshooting
>    + Developer Hints
>    + Sending Patches
>    + Resources

I would add the following needed fixes:
     + Introduction : it's dry, and non inviting
     + License : too short, we should probably include the text directly
     + Download/Source: it seems ... incomplete. IMO we should collapse
	the two Download page into a single page. But where do we stick
	the menu item? In About? In Support? I suggest About.
     + Documentation: let's get that into PHP, so it behaves like
	the rest of the site... It's so annoying the way it jumps
	to a different layout, without menu, etc.
     + Forums: we should get rid of the "Other Mailing Lists" section,
	the lists are dead, they are confusing. We have already enough
	forums, more lists don't help. Instead, we should mention the
	newsgroups, and the IRC channels.
     + CVS: move the "Generating and Submitting Patches" to the
	"Sending Patches" page.

Long Term:
     + BugZilla: integrate inot the site, same theme, etc.
     + AppDB: ditto
BTW, have you thought about it? What would it take?

> - These pages need to be updated. Dimi, I think you did some of them.
> Are the ones I have the latest.
>    + To Do Lists
>    + Supported Applications List
>    + FAQ

The FAQ is uptodate, the rest are not. However, I also need some
CSS tags, where to they go?
> - These non-PHP pages need to be updated to the new design (after the
> update) The downside is they will not use the themes support. I may just
> give them a generic simple look.
>    + Search Results Pages
>    + Documentation

I'd really like if we can fix the Documentation page before we do the
switch. Is there anything special about it?

Also, I am serious about the "Latest News" box. We need an agreement --
what about a patch implementing the idea, so people can have a more
informed opinion?


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