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Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Fri Mar 21 17:31:43 CST 2003

On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 15:52, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> On 21 Mar 2003, Jeremy Newman wrote:
> > - These empty pages need content. Some of the content can be pulled off
> > the old pages, and moved to these new pages.
> >    + HowTo
> >    + Troubleshooting
> >    + Developer Hints
> >    + Sending Patches
> >    + Resources
> I would add the following needed fixes:
>      + Introduction : it's dry, and non inviting

If someone has better text let me know. I'm basically using what was
already there and tweaking it.

>      + License : too short, we should probably include the text directly

No problem there. Can do.

>      + Download/Source: it seems ... incomplete. IMO we should collapse
> 	the two Download page into a single page. But where do we stick
> 	the menu item? In About? In Support? I suggest About.

I'm currently happy with the seperate pages. And I believe Francois was
very adamant about having downloads be its own menu item. All the
navigation I have so far is based off his suggestions in bugzilla.
Although he wanted drop downs which I despise.

>      + Documentation: let's get that into PHP, so it behaves like
> 	the rest of the site... It's so annoying the way it jumps
> 	to a different layout, without menu, etc.

Currently the documentation is in SHTML. I do header and footer includes
to get the layout it currently has. It could be possible to write a
script to converty the docs to PHP. I'll mull over this one during the
weekend. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do it let me know.
Using an <iframe> is out for compatibility reasons.

>      + Forums: we should get rid of the "Other Mailing Lists" section,
> 	the lists are dead, they are confusing. We have already enough
> 	forums, more lists don't help. Instead, we should mention the
> 	newsgroups, and the IRC channels.

No prob.

>      + CVS: move the "Generating and Submitting Patches" to the
> 	"Sending Patches" page.

Already done.

> Long Term:
>      + BugZilla: integrate inot the site, same theme, etc.
>      + AppDB: ditto
> BTW, have you thought about it? What would it take?

The AppDB was written by Charles and I. I want to convert the AppDB to
plugin to the WineHQ site. It is not a trivial amount of work.

Ugh, Bugzilla. I hate touching the code in Bugzilla. I really need to
upgrade us to the latest version that supports templates. Then I could
possibly do something with it. Another problem is that bugzilla is
written in Perl, so I would need to rewrite my libs to work with it. The
other option is to drop bugzilla and go with PHP BugTracker

> > - These pages need to be updated. Dimi, I think you did some of them.
> > Are the ones I have the latest.
> >    + To Do Lists
> >    + Supported Applications List
> >    + FAQ
> The FAQ is uptodate, the rest are not. However, I also need some
> CSS tags, where to they go?

You can insert them into the same page if you want, just do
<style type=text/css>
.foo { color: chartruce; }
This way they aren't globally included accross the entire site. Look at
the Status page for an example

> > - These non-PHP pages need to be updated to the new design (after the
> > update) The downside is they will not use the themes support. I may just
> > give them a generic simple look.
> >    + Search Results Pages
> >    + Documentation

> I'd really like if we can fix the Documentation page before we do the
> switch. Is there anything special about it?

Talked about that above.

> Also, I am serious about the "Latest News" box. We need an agreement --
> what about a patch implementing the idea, so people can have a more
> informed opinion?

I have already implemented one in another site I have done at I could implement something similar here. But,
so far you are the only one being vocal about it. Jeremy and I have the
same opinion, it's unnecessary duplication. So maybe a few more opinions
are needed to close this issue. I know it seems cool at first, but I
hate going to sites where the news on the front page of the site is
months old. It simply looks bad. As long as Brian is being consistent
with WWN (one per week), lets not water down his efforts with duplicate

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