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Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Mar 22 02:47:39 CST 2003

On March 21, 2003 09:08 pm, Jeremy White wrote:
> Perhaps I am missing the point.
> I have taken your statements to mean:
>     1.  There is news that occurs more frequently
>         or more urgently than the schedule of WWN
>         allows (news channel, not monthly magazine).
>     2.  There is a flavor of news that appeals to
>         a different audience than what WWN appeals to.
> Is that essentially your point, or have I missed it?

Yes, this is where I'm comming from, I just don't understand
now where our disagreement is. :)

> I'm sorry, I am befuddled by this closing paragraph. 

And rightfully so, my bad. What I meant by "status quo" is industry
"status quo". A better term would be common practice. So let me
restate: the common practice of virtually all big projects is to
have a "Headline News" section on the first page, which is updated
real time. And my argument was that histroy and experience shows that
it's better to stick to common practice unless you have overriding
concerns. I see no such concerns here. In fact, I see a strong need
for such a forum. I've tried to explain in my other message to
Jeremy why I see such a need. Simply put, I _love_ such a facility
on all the sites that have it, and it hooks me in and go there
regularly to check it our. And I am certain most people like it
as well: their proliferation *proves* beyond what we can ever argue

And the perfect example is LWN ( which started
as a weekly publication only, but by popular demand they added a
daily/real-time/a-la-Slashdot version soon. Please note that they
kept the weekly publication as well (by popular demand) because
the serve _different_ purposes. Yes, most if not all the headlines
will end up synthesized in the weekly publication, but I've heard
no one complaining that that means duplication.

> Seriously, I just do not where this 'latest news' will come from
> and who will maintain it.  I also do not see how it will be significantly
> different from the WWN, which I think is quite nicely done.
> Other than that, I think it's a great idea <grin>.  I have to admit, I
> could see that it might be fun to have a spot to highlight the fun
> project of the week, or some other tidbit we want to highlight from time
> to time.

Exactly! Let's see where the content will come from: 
   -- When Brian releases a WWN, he writes a 1-2 line announcement
      highlighting the important stuff, and submits it together with
      the WWN issue. Something along the lines of Slashback.
   -- When Alexandre releases a version, all we have to do is to
      take the "WHAT'S NEW" section, e.g:

  WHAT'S NEW with Wine-20030318: (see ChangeLog for details)
        - Many Direct Sound improvements.
        - File locking support.
        - Progress on kernel/ntdll dll separation.
        - Lots of bug fixes.

   -- When Crossweavers or Transgamings release a new product,
      a link to the press release will go there, plus a little
      blurb provided by the company

   -- New Press notices go in

   -- And most importantly, selected news submitted by the uses, 
      just like on Slashdot. Not high volume, 0-4 a week. Some
	* Access works
	* Mono uses Wine
	* wxWindows ported to Winelib
	* Fun Project of the week
	* Mozilla ported to Winelib
	* New UI Status page
	* A new version of the 0.9 TODO
	* Sun JVM working under Wine
	* etc., etc., etc.

Now tell me that would not be cool! :P


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