WineHQ Idea

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Mar 22 23:36:41 CST 2003

On March 23, 2003 12:04 am, Jeremy White wrote:
> [snipped your clarification; I now understand you are arguing
> for your perceived 'best practices']

Sorry, they are not perceived. I think I've proved that by now.
Again, please go look at:
   o       (Latest News)
   o     (FootNotes News)
   o      (Fresh from the Press)
   o   (News)
   o     (Samba News)
And so many others.

> [snipped your list of proposed cool things in an announcement box].
> I think that, today, we do not have any of the news items
> you describe.  Your are imagining that Brian or Jeremy has more time to
> repost pieces of the WWN to a different box.  afaik, they don't.

I think you've snipped them because most of them were things that
were news worthy, and did happen in the community recently. So no,
the news items are here *today*. Maybe we don't have the editor,
but how can we have one when there's nowhere to post?!? This is more
a technical issue. We need a way to easily post these headlines,
and then we can give access to that facility to a few editors.
But how do you expect to have headline news posted if there's nowhere
to post?!? Most of the things I've listed had been sent to the
mailing lists, so definitely there is interest -- if there wasn't
people wouldn't have bothered to post.

So let's not confuse issues. You say we need someone to step
forward as an editor for the headlines. Let's make that call.
But we can do that if we say 'NO' to the very idea.

I think a different approach is needed: Yes, we'd love to have
a 'Latest News' section, but we need someone to step forward
and take care of it. Guys, this is a great opportunity to help
with Wine, it's high profile, and doesn't require coding skills!

Agreed? If so, let's post a call for action on the mailing list,
and see if anyone volunteers.


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