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Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at
Sat Mar 22 11:11:57 CST 2003

> That's a different issue. Of course, most of the items that you cover
> (mainly threads of discussion in wine-devel) have no business 
> as News items.

Right.  I agree that WWN serves a completely different purpose
than a News feed would.  And I agree that a separate News feed
would be useful.

> it. And that
> is as it should be, it's one thing to post a Headline news on 
> Monday saying
> 	Mon Apr, 1: Wine 20030401 is out [link]
> 	  - kernel/ntdll separation complete

That's a terrible example to use since Jeremy has done a great
job of always having the latest CVS drop on the front page.  If you're
talking of consolidating the "Latest Release" and "News" headings, then
I really don't care.  I think one of the primary goals of WineHQ should
be to put the software into the hands of users, and anything that makes 
that easier furthers the goal.  Separating out the "Latest Release" and
having two different download pages for "Binaries" and "Source" seems
to do that.  It definitely draws attention to getting the software.

I think what you're getting at for news is we could (and should) announce
things like:

Hopefully in the future there will be more things like that.

However, I'm definitely against announcing things like this:

None specifically mentions "Wine", however that's clearly behind their
product.  So at what point do you draw the line? Trust me, it's a pain
in the ass to figure out.  For WWN I'd rather err on the side of 
covering anything vaguely related to Wine, for the front page of WineHQ
I don't think you want things like that, nor do you want to pick and
choose what press releases get added.

However, to confuse things, I think things like this definitely qualify
as news:

So maybe here's the rule:  if the primary business of your company is
Wine development (TG, CW), or Wine is a core technology (
the most press you're going to get on WineHQ is from WWN.  However, if
you've utilized Wine to some how add value to a new or existing product
then we'll announce it on the front page, at least the initial release.
Just putting the word "Wine" in your press release doesn't count either

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
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