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Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Mar 23 14:28:16 CST 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> On March 23, 2003 12:04 am, Jeremy White wrote:
>>[snipped your clarification; I now understand you are arguing
>>for your perceived 'best practices']
> Sorry, they are not perceived. I think I've proved that by now.
> Again, please go look at:
>    o       (Latest News)
>    o     (FootNotes News)
>    o      (Fresh from the Press)
>    o   (News)
>    o     (Samba News)
> And so many others.

Pronouncing something to be true does not make it so.
Having a 'fresh' section with news is a common practice,
yes.  Having *more than one* is extremely rare.  Of your 5
examples, only Gnome and KDE have that.

I would therefore argue that your suggestion for both a
latest news and a wwn is against best practices.

> I think a different approach is needed: Yes, we'd love to have
> a 'Latest News' section, but we need someone to step forward
> and take care of it. Guys, this is a great opportunity to help
> with Wine, it's high profile, and doesn't require coding skills!
> Agreed? If so, let's post a call for action on the mailing list,
> and see if anyone volunteers.

I enjoy sparring with you, Dimi (and yes, I do
it with a smile, so no offense taken or intented <grin>; it'd be nicer
to do it over a beer, but then that's the Wineconf issue).
But, the honest truth is I really don't care all that much.

I'm just responding to Jer's complaint that seemed just
and true:  "Dimi wants me to add a section that I will
be forced to maintain if I don't want the site to look
like crap.  I just won't do it."

Brian has told me off list that he'd be willing to be the
collective PR person (i.e. take in announcements and such)
and post them more frequently (he already collates more than
once a week).  However, to do that, he needs some tools.
He has trouble with his CVS connection, so he has requested
that someone build him a web page where he can enter news items
that go into the WWN.

For example, I could see that the XML for a news item
could have a 'announcement' flag, and then that could be
harvested and put into an announcements area; I think you'd
also want to tone down the WWN box a bit on the right.

So, here is the call for a volunteer:  someone work with Brian
to help him get WWN stuff committed to CVS, a tool to let folks
submit entries for annoucncing, and a tool
to commit entries more rapidly than he does, and give Jer a tool
to scrape the XML and craft an announcements section.

That's the patch that's needed to try this, imo.  (Note that some
of it is a patch, some of it may simply be working with Brian).


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