[ANN] Wine @ SourceForge

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Sun Mar 23 16:45:10 CST 2003

On March 23, 2003 01:50 pm, Eric Pouech wrote:
> I think we need to define clearly what is going to appear on winehq on
> one hand, and on SF on the other hand:
> - which parts/info... are only be hosted on winehq
> - which parts/info... are only be hosted on SF
> - which parts/info... are only be hosted on both

For now things are pretty clear:
  -- the "Home" on SF points to www.winehq.org
  -- we are going to store only downloadable files on SF:
	- official tarballs
	- 3rd party support files that we can distribute
	- as many binary packages as possible (currently,
	  we have binary packages for Debian and Suse, but
	  the respective maintainers have not voiced their
	  opinion on the matter).
  -- the other SF features (mailing lists, CVS, bug tracker,
     patch tracker, etc.) are not currently used. However,
     I will try to monitor the bug & patch tracker in case
     people start using them.

Did I leave anything out?


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