WineHQ Idea

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Mar 24 00:08:26 CST 2003

On March 23, 2003 03:28 pm, Jeremy White wrote:
> Pronouncing something to be true does not make it so.

Correct. Also, refusing to accept evidence, and invoking
irrelevant differences doesn't make it false either. :)

> Having a 'fresh' section with news is a common practice,
> yes.  Having *more than one* is extremely rare.  Of your 5
> examples, only Gnome and KDE have that.

All this is irrelevant of course -- I've asked you to produce
those important projects that don't have a "Latest News".
Some may also have a synthesis publication, but they all have
a news section.

Ohh... I've had too much fun arguing this :) It was all in
good fun, I'll stop here. <g>

> I enjoy sparring with you, Dimi (and yes, I do
> it with a smile, so no offense taken or intented <grin>; it'd be nicer
> to do it over a beer, but then that's the Wineconf issue).

Indeed. And the same goes here -- I do get caught in the
discussion easily, but I don't take thing personally :)
Here's for a virtual handshake!

> Brian has told me off list that he'd be willing to be the
> collective PR person (i.e. take in announcements and such)
> and post them more frequently (he already collates more than
> once a week). 

Brain is The Man! We do need a PR person, the time for 0.9/1.0
is approaching, as such we need press releases, etc.

> However, to do that, he needs some tools.
> He has trouble with his CVS connection, so he has requested
> that someone build him a web page where he can enter news items
> that go into the WWN.

It seems fair.

> So, here is the call for a volunteer:  someone work with Brian
> to help him get WWN stuff committed to CVS, a tool to let folks
> submit entries for annoucncing, and a tool
> to commit entries more rapidly than he does, and give Jer a tool
> to scrape the XML and craft an announcements section.

For starters, how about:
  -- tool for submitting announcments: email to the editor (Brian)
  -- tool for committing announcments: a non-public web page
  -- tool for scraping XML: will produce the XML needed to render
	the Announcement box. He can then use this to render the
	HTML for the box.

I have basic design in mind, simple and elegant (:P), I just need
a bit of help with the PHP side of things (very simple stuff),
as I have 0 experience with it.

So I guess I volunteer...


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