Error in CVS

Shachar Shemesh sun at
Mon Mar 24 05:54:23 CST 2003

Try running "cvs up -Pd". A directory recently added to CVS did not make 
it into your directory structure, which generally means that you have 
not asked for new directories (-d option).


Vilppa Salt wrote:

>When running ./configure with latest cvs Wine:
>config.status: creating dlls/ctl3d/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/d3d8/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/d3dim/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/d3dx8/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/dciman32/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/ddraw/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/devenum/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/dinput/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/dinput8/Makefile
>config.status: creating dlls/dmusic/Makefile
>config.status: error: cannot find input file: dlls/dmusic/
> ilmoittaa:
> tarjoaa kaikille rekisteröityneille käyttäjilleen kuukausimaksuttoman Internet -yhteyden (pvm).

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