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Tue Mar 25 00:17:04 CST 2003

Javier López wrote:

> Hello, please wanted that they removed me of his list of post office, 
> since he is something very disagreeable, arrive approximately 20 to me 
> at 30 daily e-mail and no longer I support it, my square is fulled. 
> Please Remove ME OF ITS LIST!

Hi Javier,

In order to be removed, please send an email to 
wine-patches-request at with a subject of "unsubscribe", and 
follow the instructions from there.

Everyone else - I think it's time to update the counters on the web 
site. They are horribly out of date. Wine has experienced a wonderful 
expansion over the past year, but this means that we can no longer claim 
that wine-devel is 25 msg/day (more like 35msg/day on my unofficial 
counting), nor wine-patches 8msg/day (more like 20msg/day). This growth 
is really impressive, but we really need to update the counters accordingly.


I have been walking around with the feeling that wine is reaching it's 
growth flex point (where development suddenly accelerates) for quite 
some time. Comparing the numbers claimed on wine-patches to the real 
numbers shows over 100% of growth in the amounts of fixes people send 
in.  This shows that we are finally heading torwards the so desired beta 

Shachar Shemesh
Open Source integration consultant
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