WineHQ redesign - going live soon

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Tue Mar 25 12:45:39 CST 2003

On 25 Mar 2003, Jeremy Newman wrote:

> OK, I believe the site is ready to go live now. If you want any changes
> this is your last change to get them in.

Cool -- I am quite happy with the result, even if I still have some
small requests :) I do hope that we can do changes to it even after
it goes live, right?

> I plan to get the site live at 4pm CST today. In the meantime I'm going
> to work on any requests.

OK. What about:
  -- my Contributing changes I've email yesterday?
  -- I suggest we get rid of "How to Install Binary Packages" from
     Binary Downloads, and point people to the HowTo. There's more
     stuff to it, and that's the place to document it.
  -- similarly for "how to extract a file" from Source Download.
     It would be nice if we can add a table or something to it
     to make it a bit more consistent
  -- the biggest sore spot in the site is Bugzilla. The reason
     is that just browsing the menu the user expects a consistent
     behaviour (the box to the right to change), and we have that
     with one BIG exception: Bugzilla. And it's not a small
     exception: in a big flash, everything changes: page layout,
     headers, color scheme. Every time I click by mistake on it,
     I'm startled. Suggestion: create a front page that behaves
     uniformely with the rest of the site (like we did for
     Documentation). That will at least allow for a pleasant
     browsing experience.


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