MSI Installer trouble

Davide Giannotti davide.giannotti at
Wed Mar 26 06:34:34 CST 2003

There's nothing i can do to make some installers work.
I always get the
"The installshield engine (ikernel.exe) could not be installed" message.

I tried to install the dcom98, and it unpacked the files in the windows\system 
dir, and that's ok, but i don't think there was much more.

When i try to install the microsoft installer (InstMsi.exe) it seems working, 
and it gives me the "succesfull installed" popup windows too... but i know it 
didn't cause it unpacks and doesn't even ask me if i want to proceed, it just 
jumps... to the end of process.

And when i try to install some progs like Dreamweaver MX, i get the darn 
message above.

Any suggestion?

Thank you all guys

P.s: The "export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5" command seems to work (at least 
partially). i added the line in my winelauncher script and konqueror uses 
winelauncher to start my win apps.
Shouldn't you check for glibc version and add that line as default in the 
winelauncher script?

Davide Giannotti
ITS Planet s.n.c
davide.giannotti at

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