Java in wine?

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There are always at least two threads, because of the garbage collection
which runs on a separate thread.  I do not think any if the JVMs run the gc


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youpi youpi yay !
 --- Mike Hearn <m.hearn at> a écrit :
> It seems that if WinVer is set to nt40, java runs happily (although
> not
> without issues of course).
> Uwe found it was due to threading some time ago, I think wine stores
> something at the wrong place. I still get warnings about stack
> guards,
> but they don't seem to cause issues.

even when running hello world or CUI class ? :)
> Next problem - java appears to use DirectDraw? It wipes out the
> screen
> contents in the same way QuickTime did when using DirectDraw, which
> obviously gets in the way of working with the app :)
> More debugging needed....

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