question about commdlg

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Mar 26 13:33:48 CST 2003

What are the extra buttons?

If an app depends on it, and looks wrong without it, then I guess you
should make it dependant on the Windows version. If we always used a W2K
dialog, then if WinVer was set to 9x the app would get confused.

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 18:06, Maxime Bellengé wrote:
> I was wondering why the "default mode" button in the open file dialog of
> WinHex was misplaced. 
> I figured out that WinHex places this button according to the version of
> Windows. If you run WinHex in win98 or win2k mode with wine, you can see
> that the button is not at the same location.
> It comes from the fact that the toolbar does not have the same amount of
> buttons.
> Thus, as I asked once, I am wondering if we should have a win2k like
> open/save file dialog box.
> I plan to add the missing stuffs in commdlg so I am wondering if I
> should add a win2k behavior or do nothing because there are too few apps
> that use that feature.
> Max

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