Wine, win4lin, vmware, bochs, plex86 can we build an alternative Windows yet ?

Jacobus Erasmus jacobus at
Thu Mar 27 01:34:30 CST 2003

Hi, I've been following the Wine development for years now.

I was surprized when I learned of vmware and win4lin being able to run
Windows. After some investigation it seems that they have consentrated
on a simpler task that of building a virtual machine that can run
Windows on top of linux.

Wine on the other hand is concentrating on replacing Windows a much
harder task.

My question to the Wine comminuty is this ? Whithout stopping the
current development would it be possible to build a striped down wine
version that can run most Windows apps if you have windows available and
are willing to install it in our Wine Virtual Environment.

Given that Wine already contains most of the code to read and use DLL's.
Most of the drivers is already available what would it take to setup
such a wine version. (Interim solution )

Jacobus Erasmus <jacobus at>

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