Any DCOM experts?

Bill Medland billmedland at
Thu Mar 27 13:08:32 CST 2003

Hi guys

For the next part of the work I am doing I am trying to figure out if there is 
any way that the DCOM part of one of our products is going to work under Wine 
at the server end.

I am not having much success so far and I was wondering if anyone knows 
whether this is because I don't have things set up properly or if it is 
because of some inherent known lack of functionality.

To start the ball rolling I was working with MSDN's DCOMTST test program pair.

I managed to get that working using the local server (after adding the 
definition of IStream to the registry) but am having no luck getting the 
client under Wine to talk to the server under Win98.  In fact the client side 
doesn't even seem to send out a single TCP/IP packet.

(Aside - Nice demonstration of lazy Microsoft code; in their error reporting 
they call FormatMessage, ignore the return code and somehow print the 
returned error message, even when one hasn't been allocated; I guess it only 
works under Windows because the print routine traps the access violation)

I am currently running native ole32 and native rpcrt4.

The builtin rpcrt4 fails on a call to unimplemented 
RpcServerInqDefaultPrincName but I don't understand why it is even calling 
that; why does it think I have Netware only and why does it think this is a 
server process.

Anyone an expert in any of this stuff?

Bill Medland
ACCPAC International, Inc.
medbi01 at
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