WineHQ: still TODO

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Fri Mar 28 11:47:32 CST 2003

Hi folks,

Here is my personal TODO list for our very beautiful WineHQ site.

Big Items
  1. Integrate Bugzilla into the site
  2. Integrate AppDB into the site
  3. Integrate the guids into the site

  Jer, silly question: Bugzilla and AppDB seem to already be
  written with the 'boxed' approach. I haven't looked at the
  code, but any fundamental reason we can't simply stick the
  main Bugzilla or AppDB main box into WineHQ?

Medium Items
  4. The Who's Who page is terribly out of date. Also, the
  organization with VIPs/Core/etc. sucks IMO. The page should
  include only the active developers, the rest should go into
  an Acknowledgements page.

  5. Speaking of which, we're missing an Acknowledgements page.
  This should include significant contributors, significant
  corporate sponsors, funding sources.

  6. The Download pages don't feel like. They should refer to
  the HowTo rather than duplicate the information. Also the
  Download/Sources is too skinny, needs more meat.

  7. The HowTo needs improvements. There's a lot more stuff
  that we need to add to it.

  8. We're missing a History page, that would put everything
  in context and a nice narative.

Small Items
  9. The Contributing page is too heavy, needs better integration
  with the new Fun Projects/Winelib/Janitorial pages.

  10. The Sending Patches needs a bit more work. The .cvsrc link is 
  wrong, maybe a bit more info on how to configure various email
  clients to not mangle patches, make it more clear that only
  uniffied diff is acceptable, show an example .cvsrc, how to
  email a patch (ChangeLog, one patch/per message, etc). Stuff
  we've been discussing for so long. Tony, I know you've been
  doing work in this area, maybe you can look into it?

  11. TODO/Fun Projects/Janitorial/Winelib pages need constant
  updating from my site. I'll do that.

  12. The Status/UI Status page still needs some work. Help wanted.

  13. Get rid of the Miscellaneous section from Status/Core Status.

  14. The Search box is too low, one needs to scroll to get to it,
  even in high resolutions.

Any other requests? BTW, why aren't WineHQ CVS commits visible on
wine-cvs anymore?

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