cross compiling Wine under MSVC

Rolf Kalbermatter rolf.kalbermatter at
Mon Mar 31 00:30:01 CST 2003


I have just got the whole Wine sources on a Linux computer and shared the
sources directory over samba to try to compile parts of it in MSVC. Here I
get several problems which seem to me configuration related, but I wonder
how I'm supposed to proceed to get everything working.

I have run ./tools/winapi/msvcmaker to create the MSVC project files and
hopefully anything else which is required for this.

I can of course add some (the correct?) definitions by hand to config.h
or port.h but I would rather like to do it the way it is supposed to be
or if there is a problem get it resolved now.

First problem:

wine\tools\winebuild\spec32.c(213) and other lines in that file use macros
__ASM_SHORT and __ASM_STRING which should be defined in config.h. How do I
get a config.h which is compatible with MSVC? Is there a special tool for

I obviously can't really run ./configure from my Windows machine ;-)

Second problem:

Some Wine files include headers which sooner or later include "windows.h"
and that causes error messages that this should not be done for Wine sources.
There is a macro COM_NO_WINDOWS_H in the Wine sources to avoid this inclusion.
./tools/winapi/msvcmaker does forget to add this macro as standard definition
in all project files for the Wine sources, but obviously should not do this
for the test project files, I think. I'm no Perl guy so I hesitate to even
touch the msvcmaker tool.

Up until now I fixed such problems by manualy editing port.h which made it
work for my local operation, but it seems to me that we should try to get
this resolved, so that not everone does privately reinvent the wheel here.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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