Question about kernel32 resources

Maxime Bellengé maxime.bellenge at
Mon Mar 31 16:11:37 CST 2003

I am currently working on the
EnumSystemLanguageGroups/EnumLanguageGroupLocales functions.
I have finished everything but there is one thing I don't know.

The different language group names are stored in the kernel32.dll
resources in a string table. They are indexed from 1 to 17 in the
win2k/winxp kernel32 dll.

However, in wine it seems these ID are used. So I am wondering how can I
workaround that. I can't change the ID for the groups because they are
defined in winnls.h from 1 to 17.

At the present time I have a version ready to work but with the group
names not stored in the resources (so only one language is possible).

Do I have to change the kernel32 resources ( a lot of work) or does
anyone have an idea ?



Maxime Bellengé <maxime.bellenge at>

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