A few questions on the mingw port.

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.com
Mon Mar 31 18:12:20 CST 2003

Steven Edwards <Steven_Ed4153 at yahoo.com> writes:

> 1. Can we set --disable-win16 CFLAGS=-DWINE_NOWINSOCK" to be default
> when building under Mingw? I tried to write a configure patch for this
> a while back but never could get the bastard to work. Once this option
> is removed all we will be left with is ./configure to configure wine
> for mingw. None of the WINE networking stuff will really work for
> anyone working with mingw and I dont expect that to change anytime
> soon. Without this flag anything that include winsock.h or winsock2.h
> will puke when building on Windows. I know that WINE on linux will
> need win16 for a while due to older installers that are 16bit but for
> the mingw port thats kind of not important.

The winsock.h issues should hopefully be fixed now. I'm not sure we
should disable 16-bit code by default, you will want to support that
at some point.

> 2. Can we set a conditional option to not build winegcc and winewrap?
> These are not needed on Windows as they are only used to port mingw
> applications to winelib. Due to the use of Unixisms in these programs
> (fork, waitpid, etc) they wont build. Now I know we could stub fork
> and wrap waitpid to wait but its kind of pointless and I can see one
> day when someone will ask why these dont work on windows even though
> we build them. IMHO they just shouldnt get built for us.

I added a fix for that, hope it will work. The ultimate goal is to use
winegcc etc. in the Wine build process, so it's better if they can
work for you too.

> 4. This may be more a mingw problem rather then something with WINE
> but I figured I would ask while I was making noise. When I try to
> build the regression tests under mingw with gcc-3.x I am getting this
> error. If I dont include wines libmsvcrt.a it goes away. do the exit
> functions in wine and mingws source not agree?

It seems that mingw atexit handling is not Windows compatible. I'm not
sure why they did it that way, but IMO this should be considered a
mingw bug.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at winehq.com

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