Assertion `!sem->obj.head' failed in release_semaphore

Rein Klazes rklazes at
Thu May 1 05:33:03 CDT 2003


Starting newsbin with messages that where marked for download in a
previous run ( so it will start downloading immediately at start-up)
freezes after the main window is opened. 

The last lines of a +relay,+server trace are:

| 0009:Call kernel32.ReleaseSemaphore(00000064,00000001,40732a14) ret=0041b55e
| 0009: release_semaphore( handle=0x64, count=00000001 )
| wineserver: semaphore.c:96: release_semaphore: Assertion `!sem->obj.head' failed.

(full 1.4 MB trace at )

Funny, even if the bug can be reproducebly triggered by a message that
is to be downloaded ,nothing of this appears in the log: no winsock call
is made.

Trying with several old wines, reveals that this bug is at least 3
months old, apparently not related to the new threading code.

I've searched through the trace and the server code (it must be a server
bug, doesn't it?) but see nothing obviously wrong. 

Any suggestions?

Rein Klazes
rklazes at

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