WineHQ: email trouble

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu May 1 08:47:49 CDT 2003

After the server crash of last week, the newly built
server didn't have *quite* the same sendmail configuration.

In fact, it was busticated; the key problem we noticed
was that it was sending out bogus headers (localhost.localdomain),
which roughly 25% of mailer servers (correctly) discard.

We fixed that yesterday.  So first of all, some of you may want
to browse the archives (well, primarily if you haven't seen any emails
for 4-5 days, and then suddenly started seeing them again).

Jer spent all day yesterday struggling with the sendmail configuration
to get it to alias the from headers properly (so they always say, and have no evidence of  After
much cursing and struggling, he finally gave up.  If there are any
sendmail experts that know exactly how to use the aliasing features,
feel free to offer Jer some help.  (Although he's got a *lot*
of other stuff to do, so he may defer this).

Beyond that, everything should be back to normal.  Let Jer or I know if
things still seem slow or strange.



Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> Folks,
> Whazzup with I get duplicated emails, and more 
> importantly the latency on the wine-* mailing lists
> is measured in (many) hours instead of seconds. What gives?

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