New metabugs

hatky hatkyinc at
Fri May 2 02:47:40 CDT 2003

Ok, with you permission I like to get this subject
changed a bit to clearing bugzilla.

I noticed there are plenty of bugs and little activity
on any of then many of them look outdated.

So I would like Step One to be getting all the bugs
that there last comment was before 6 months or more
commented as please test it again or we will close it
in the next 30.
I really hope you agree with me about that becouse
with so many open bug I think most developer DO NOT
want to trak the bugzilla any more...

Secound Step I would want to do is getting the bugs
into some categories so it will be easy for developer
to track the bugs that intrest them thats where I was
going with my meta bugs becouse I for instence what to
know about every bug that is realated to games and see
if I can confirm it and/or help solving it, as you do
not seem to like my idea of using meta bugs for this
how would you like to see this beeing done?

btw just to understend this is a meta bug of getting
game x to work and under it all the uniplemented
or/and broken stuff ok?

The last step (and an importent one) would be to try
keep the traking a live by insreting both developers
and users to look at them and keep updating them.

Do you agree with anything I said so far or am I just
talking newbee crap?


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