Volunteers needed - windows API db script ready

Dave Miller compsol at ptdprolog.net
Fri May 2 00:57:36 CDT 2003

The script which dumps dll imports and exports now seems to parse
everything correctly and organize it nicely in a text file.  We need the
script run against various windows versions.  The output can be sent
directly to me, but please verify I do not already have the data for that
particular version of windows.  I don't need 10 copies of win2k SP3 for
example.  :)

The script is available at http://home.ptd.net/~compsol.  Please make sure
you get createdb.pl.  There is another script, createwinedb.pl which will
ONLY parse the wine spec files.

To run this you will need winedump, perl, and access to your windows
directory from within Linux.  The cleaner the windows install the
better.  We don't want to clutter the database with info from dlls
not provided with windows.  Usage is as follows:

createdb.pl -d -p <path to windows dir> -o <winver (ex. win98)

This will save the imports and exports and also create winver.ref, where
winver is specified on the command line with -o.  The .ref file is the one
which will contain all the info we need.  This will be a large file, so I
recommend compressing with gzip if you are going to email it to me.  It
may be large enough to bounce back into your mailbox if you do not.  :)

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