Small DSound fix...

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri May 2 15:34:43 CDT 2003

Christian Costa a écrit:
> Lionel Ulmer wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> This makes games which do NOT enumerate the sound devices and go 
>> through the
>> ClassFactory work.
>> It has also some miscellaneous tracing fixes.
>> Changelog:
>> - misc. tracing fixes
>> - handle IID_IDirectSound(8) as the default sound driver
> A ce que je vois ton patch remplace le mien (qui n'a pas ete accepte 
> d'ailleurs)...
> P'tite curiosite.. :-) :
> Mais qu'est ce que ces foutues IIDs viennent faire a la place des GUID 
> des devices ?
> C'est une bidouille ou bien DirectSoundCreate les acceptent vraiment ?

Envoyé en français par erreur à la liste probablement Christian? :)

Whole translation for non-french speaking people here:

I see that your patch replaces mine (which hasn't been accepted yet)...

Out of curiosity... :-) :
What all those bloody IIDs do instead of devices' GUID?
Is it a gimmick or does DirectSoundCreate really accepts them?

Sent to the list by mistake in French Christian? :)


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