A little Xlib adventure

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Fri May 2 17:07:30 CDT 2003

Any problems with this patch Alexandre? It's missed 3 rounds of commits

thanks -mike

On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 13:59, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Got to start somewhere. This patch adds support for the netWM ping
> protocol, which lets window managers like metacity present a nice "This
> app is not responding, kill it?" window when the program freezes. This
> unfortunately happens all too often with IE in particular, and while us
> developers can see (and understand) critical section timeout messages,
> people running from the menu or desktop icons cannot. 
> I haven't bothered sending a message to the window (WM_NULL) because if
> the program stops responding, it'll stop processing X messages as well.
> If you want to test it out, just put an infinite loop in a test app then
> try and close it. 
> Tested with metacity from gnome2.2 - may work with latest KWin, if it
> doesn't then file a bug in KDE bugzilla.
> ChangeLog:
> Support _NET_WM_PING protocol so the WM can detect freezes

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