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Sat May 3 02:27:34 CDT 2003

Francois Gouget wrote:

>On Fri, 2 May 2003, hatky wrote:
>>>Anyway, don't let me slow you down.  Just remember that
>>>bug tracking is a social issue, and you have to pay attention
>>>to how the other developers feel about it.
>>I am not sure what they realy think yes I only got 3
>>responces 2 of witch where positive :)...
>>I guess I will have to wait for the next week to start
>>when codewaver will return to flame me (or not) :)
>This is Wine's bugzilla so you don't need to worry about CodeWeavers
>flaming you (or about the CodeWeavers' needs). However, as Dan said,
>beware of the Wine developpers ;-).
>I know I used meta-bugs in the past and we used them too in our internal
>CodeWeavers bugzilla database. But meta-bugs are not very practical in
>the long term and it is worth considering alternatives. In particular:
> * Component field
>   Some developpers are specialized in a certain aspect of Wine. Havnig
>specialists is good, it's certainly more efficient than having to learn
>from scratch each time. So we need to provide a way for specialists to
>find bugs in their area of expertise.
>   The 'Component' field is one way to do so. Let's say you're a
>Direct3D specialist, you can find bugs in that area by querying Bugzilla
>for all bugs tagged with 'Component=wine-directx'.
> * keywords
>   Keywords are another way to tag and query bugs. It's pretty flexible
>and even lets you put multiple keywords on a bug. For instance you can
>find all the bugs related to conformance testing by querying Bugzilla
>for bugs that have the 'conformance' keyword. Similarly you can look for
>all bugs related to programs for which the source is available by
>searching for bugs with the 'source' keyword.
>   See
>That being said,
> * Bugzilla queries don't appear to work. Newman do you know what's up?
>Is it a database performance issue? Bugzilla bug?
> * Direct3D and DirectSound are pertty different areas. Maybe we should
>split the wine-directx component into direct3d, directdraw, directsound
>and the generic directx.
> * Maybe we need a 'wine-msvcrt' component. I know there are people
>interested in msvcrt but looking at the component list I don't know
>where such bugs would go. Or maybe we should be a bit more general and
>have a 'wine-libc' so that it includes crtdll and potential future C++
>libraries, etc.
> * Maybe we should add more keywords. I'm not saying we should do it,
>but adding 'game' keyword would provide the same functionality as the
>current game meta-bug. If we go this way, I could see another useful
>keyword: 'installer' to identify all bugs related to application
>installers. But we have to be careful not to add frivolous keywords.
> * One useful things that can be done now is to inspect all new bugs to
>make sure that:
>   - the component field is set correctly
>   - the download URL to the binary or source is provided if applicable
>     (in case of doubt ask the reporter)
>   - all applicable keywords are set
>   That said, things seem to be already pretty much in order (more so
>for the component field than for keywords).
While wer'e at it, can we add a "BiDi" keyword, or at least a 
"complex-lang" keyword?


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