Small DSound fix...

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Sat May 3 04:47:57 CDT 2003

Lionel Ulmer wrote:

>Replying in English :-)
>>A ce que je vois ton patch remplace le mien (qui n'a pas ete accepte 
>Did not remember that you submitted a patch for this... Was only aware of
>the DInput one for ClassFactory, not the one on DSound.
You're completely right!
I check into my mail box and realized I sent a patch with the title
"[DSOUND] Fix argument passed to DirectSoundCreate8"
just after the dinput's one but I attached the dinput diff a second time 
No one noticed... Not even me... Arghhh!

>>P'tite curiosite.. :-) :
>>Mais qu'est ce que ces foutues IIDs viennent faire a la place des GUID 
>>des devices ?
>>C'est une bidouille ou bien DirectSoundCreate les acceptent vraiment ?
>>From what I know, it's about the same as out 'fake' GUIDs we have for
>DirectX. Ie each driver has its own GUID so that a game can specifically ask
>for one device (and when a game asks Wine to enumerate the DSound devices,
>these 'fake' devices are actually returned => it works fine there).
>The problem is for games expecting the default driver being returned when
>using the 'generic' GUID (ie without doing an enumeration and without using
>the DefaultPlayback GUID).
>                      Lionel

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