How to add a new DLL?

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sat May 3 17:04:38 CDT 2003

>>>>> "Gerhard" == Gerhard W Gruber <sparhawk at> writes:

    Gerhard> I was just trying to add a new dll to wine (w95in32.dll and
    Gerhard> w95inf16.dll). In order to achieve this I looked into some
    Gerhard> other dlls and copied the Makefile and The I
    Gerhard> created the specfile for the dll and adjusted the Makefile. At
    Gerhard> least that was what I think I did, but it always complains that
    Gerhard> I have to run configure. So I adjusted configure as well and
    Gerhard> rerun it, but i stil get this error. Is there somewhere an
    Gerhard> explanation so I can look how I have to configure
    Gerhard> The Makefile will be generated from this through
    Gerhard> configure, right?

At the files in the appropriate *.in Files, run autoconf and the normal
./configure, make depend, make cycel.


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