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Dan Kegel dank at
Sun May 4 11:46:55 CDT 2003

Eric wrote:
> - our current {Get|Set}CurrentDirectory functions behave like the win16 
> implementation, and maintain a/ a default drive, b/ a default directory 
> on each drive

That's what I expect as a user when doing "cd"'s and changing drive
letters at the prompt.  I just verified that this is
what one sees from in windows me:

C:\> cd d:vss
C:\> d:

So if win32 isn't doing it, is simulating it?

> - Win32, on the other end, just maintains a current directory. When 
> using a relative path with a drive letter (like c:foo), win32 actually 
> uses the directory on drive c:, defined at startup (and passed into the 
> =c: environment variable)
> - the =#: (# in [A,Z]) environment variable is never changed (even when 
> changing the current directory)

How do you display those variables?  I have a C program that
iterates through envp[] and it doesn't see 'em.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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