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Sun May 4 19:51:57 CDT 2003

On Sun, 4 May 2003, hatky wrote:

> Well I haven't seen any real answers about this,
> Can anybody here add keywords to bugzilla?
> Are you aggreing with the ones that are requested
> here?

That's the thing with keywords an components, not everyone can create
them (which is a good thing). I'm not sure who has the right permissions
to create them (I don't).

 * We *need* a way to find all 'open' bugs
   - concerning a given component
   - with a given keyword
   This doesn't work right now and it has to be fixed, even if it means
making special search form that only allows this kind of query because
the other types of queries take too much CPU.

 * I propose adding the following components:

 * I'm ok with the 'game' and 'installer' keywords (singular, both).
   Though I am not 100% sure they are needed.
   (is it hard to remove a keyword?)

 * I am not convinced we should have a 'bidi' keyword. A component may
be more approriate. Would the 'wine-gdi' component be suitable or is it
too crowded? Or maybe an 'internationalization' keyword (or 'i18n',
it's much shorter).

Another interesting thing is the 'Named Queries'. If you go to 'Find a
bug', you have the option to save the query and it will then appear in
your sidebar in the 'Named Queries' section. So if you're a DirectX
developper you could have a 'DirectX bugs' query that returns all the
open bugs for the 'wine-directx' component.

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