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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon May 5 00:20:46 CDT 2003

Francois Gouget wrote:

> * wine-gdi
>   'Drawing, graphics, fonts, drivers'
>   That appears to include BiDi. But I still think an
>internationalization keyword that would cover BiDi, XIM, dead-keys, and
>localization of resources would be a good thing.
I am not sure what XIM is. In any case, I don't think BiDi+dead-keys 
should go in the same category as localization. The frist two are 
technological, and require a programmer knowledgable in the system, but 
which does not necessarily speak the language. The last is linguistic, 
and requires someone who speaks the language, but may not necesserilly 
know any programming at all.

As for components - some BiDi stuff goes in GDI - sure. Text rendering 
is one obvious example. Adding BiDi to the Edit Control should go in 
GUI, however. I'm not sure where bugs such as 1163 should go (currently 
filed under GUI, but should probably go to GDI, as the underscores are 
added by DrawText). 1158 is a definite GUI.

For those reasons I did not want to add a BiDi component, but rather a 

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