Windows API db script

David Miller compsol at
Mon May 5 01:01:22 CDT 2003

Ok, here is what I have.


Should the service pack level change the OS version number?

At 03:44 PM 5/4/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>On Sun, 04 May 2003 04:46:49 -0400, Dave Miller <compsol at> wrote:
> >   I have posted an update to the script.  Francois Gouget sent a patch
> >to fix a problem handling uppercase filenames.  The patched script is
> >now available.  Thanks to those who have submitted .ref files.  I have
> >five versions so far.  Now it is time to think about what kind of
> >queries we want to be able to do...
>You probalby should post the versions you already got and you still ned, so we
>don't send it twice (or have to waste time installing a clean setup).
>Thanks for this tool. Quite nice. :)
>Gerhard Gruber
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