Problem using winemaker/winelib

Neven Luetic Neven.Luetic at
Mon May 5 02:54:14 CDT 2003


I am currently trying to continue development of an originally Windows
based project on Linux. 

To create a functioning Linux-executable, I have tried to use winemaker.
When I specify the additional headers and libraries correctly,
everything seems to be fine. At least configure and make do not show up
with errors.

The result of the make is a shared library, named like the executable I
expected to build ("") and a shell script "drobot". When I
start this script I get:

err:module:get_registry_value Invalid load order module-type L"so",
wine: cannot find 'drobot.exe'

This seems to indicate some kind of error in the build process, because
what was built is exactly a linux .so.If I change my wine config
concerning DLLs from
"*" = "builtin, native, so"
"*" = "builtin, native"
the first message disappears.

However wine is still looking for a drobot.exe (according to the
generated script). The generated Makefile contains "drobot" as the
executable, i.e. the shell script.

What did I do wrong?

Neven Luetic <Neven.Luetic at>

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