MSVCRT calling convention issue

us at us at
Mon May 5 08:34:23 CDT 2003

>> The problem revolves around the function
>> MSVCRT_type_info_raw_name. This is defined as stdcall, but
>> disassembling the windows version, it clearly shows use of a calling
>> convention I had never heard of, 'thiscall'. According to the MSDN,
>> thiscall is stdcall BUT the 'this' pointer on x86 machines is stored
>> in the ECX register.

> We have the -register adder in the spec file. Look at e.g. how
> __CxxFrameHandler is defined in msvcrt.spec and implemented in
> dlls/msvcrt/cppexcept.c. 

Thanks Uwe - I took a look, but cannot see what this actually does
(nor how to use it). It appears the spec entry means we end up with
an extra layer of indirection, but I really cant see how else it works!


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