winsock: use iphlpapi

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu May 8 02:41:20 CDT 2003

Greetings Sylvain!  I'm sorry to be a pest, but I'm
going to be away from computers, electricity, etc. for
a month starting when I wake up in the morning.  So
please feel free to modify my patch to your heart's
content.  If not, bother me again and I'll look into
it in the future.

It could be that my patch got old, I was working from
the last snapshot rather than CVS head.

Interesting on the registry--is this new with my
patch, or just another issue?

Oops--shouldn't ask questions that I won't read the
response to.


--- Sylvain Petreolle <spetreolle at> wrote:
> I cant apply your winsock patch, patch says
> malformed at line 245:
> @@ -2123,127 +2100,6 @@
> [Winipcfg work] 
> In order to run winipcfg, a key must be added into
> registry, otherwise
> it (probably)
> says TCP/IP isnt installed, I had got a blank 
> Msgbox with an "Ok"
> button.
> Now it works beautifully.
> could you include it into your reworked patch ?
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