Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Thu May 8 16:33:52 CDT 2003

I am back from taking a break from Wine.  Not that anyone
noticed I was gone. :-)

Before I took my break I had done some stuff locally for
ALSA MIDI and DirectMusic.  I see that some stuff has been
done on DirectMusic in my absence, but I maybe I will still
have something to contribute there.  But in Eric Pouech's
recent interview, he made mention that MIDI was still missing
from the ALSA driver.

I will submit what I can dig back up soon if nobody else is
on the verge of submitting something.  So speak now, or
forever hold... nevermind.

Hopefully I will be able to help out the Wine project some
until the next time I will have to take a break (in September,
when my daughter is due to be born).

 -- Jeff Smith

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