Progman DDE Server

BiGgUn fbiggun at
Sat May 10 05:07:31 CDT 2003


While installing, mIRC 6.0.3 (evaluation), the installer was unable to create some links for mirc. I got the following error:
err:ddeml:DdeConnect Done with INITIATE, but no Server window available

Obviously, it seems that the required DDE server is not up and runnning. By enabling tracing on ddeml channel, i have found the
queried server; it's Progman DDE server. On win2k (and other windows platforms i think), it seems that this server is launched when
the system starts up or when a user logs in (i don't really know). Nevertheless, on wine this DDE server is not currently launched.

Although, the progman application exists, is there a DDE server version already present in wine source tree ?
Other question, when a program requires the Progman DDE server , should wine launch it automatically ? The DDE server would shutdown
itself when the last wine instance exits.
Is it possible to associate this DDE server with wineserver ?


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