Lotus Notes and wine and RedHat 9

Joe Squire wiresquire at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 23:29:04 CDT 2003


I apologize in advance for hitting the developers list. IANAD...

I had been running wine on 7.2 with Lotus Notes 5.0.11 successfully. I made 
the unfortunate discovery about RH9 and threads and wine a little too late 
after upgrading to RH9. I will be more careful next time...

Anyways, I downloaded the source (2003-05-08), and managed to configure with 
--with-nptl (as at
make dep, make and make install it. (I am closer to a newbie than a 
developer, so this was a major achievement!).

But I ran into a problem that has already been reported at (thank you 
(the issue was unresolved. Kevin rolled back to a previous wine source from 
As with that post, there had been no changes to the install in the wine 
directory. The Lotus Notes splash screen comes up. The background for Notes 
itself comes up. The password box appears, and the error happens when I 
punch in the password and hit OK.

I noted the post by Uwe at 
http://www.winehq.com/hypermail/wine-devel/2003/05/0144.html , but
Uwe was hinting at my newbiness with "Do you know how to integrate this in 
If not, tell me to send you a patch for testing." The answer to both is No. 
Even if I received a patch, I wouldn't have a clue. I am willing to try, but 
would llikely need some hand holding...like which file, where it's located 

Again, apologies for hassling the devel list, I'm out of my depth here, but 
I will help if I can.


PS: hope this helps someone else:
- after initial install and attempting to run an app thru wine, it 'hung' at 
the end of the font 'registration' (not sure it that is the right term), ie 
once it had got to 100%. X was running at about 70% cpu and wine at 30%. 
Eventually I ctrl-c'd it and rebooted.
- after trying again, i received an error about winedefault.reg. Googling 
for this didn't help me locate where it was. But it was in the most obvious 
place. The root of the source download. Ran regedit winedefault.reg
- then ran into the above.

PPS - words of encouragement. Notes is my last tie to Windows and wine is my 

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