Mark Westcott mark at
Sun May 11 13:26:52 CDT 2003

Hi all,

Been getting an error with Kaleidagraph, complaining that WINNLSEnableIME in 
user32 is unimplemented (which it is).  Seems like an old win16 API call that 
shouldn't be used any more, i'm not sure, but says:

Ex68 was designed for Japanese Windows. In order to make it function on any
other kind, you will need to patch the Ex68.EXE file. Here's how:

With a Hex-Editor, search for text WINNLSEnableIME, then replace it
with EnableWindow . You'll have a couple of spaces left over, switch over
to Hex mode, and fill those with 00's

This implies that its an EnableWindow call in disguise, but I'm not sure, it 
may just be that they chose this merely because its a  function with the same 
parameters/return type as WINNLSEnableIME.

Editing user32.spec to get it to call EnableWindow has got it working, but I'm 
not sure this is the proper solution.. perhaps it should be calling 
WINNLSEnableIME16 in dlls/winnls?



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